We have moved to a new location, a detached living shed in a high-frequency location in nature near the village of Kortenhoef (next to Hilversum). The Vision Room returns here in a new form. This is where the new movie “NEXT LEVEL LIGHT CODES” from The Hi-Fi Mystery School will be shown.

 We have learned a lot in Amsterdam through our many experiences with visitors; many experiences also resembled each other. By watching our film, the conversations, the Virtual Reality and the frequency of the space a lot was consciously and / or unconsciously activated by the visitors via the codes of the Sacred Geometry. As a result, we have already moved from an open gallery to an appointment concept. People often stayed at least 2 and sometimes even more than 3 hours. However, they almost always felt that they had been present much shorter.

At the new location, an important new aspect has been added which, in combination with the new film, “completes the circle” and creates an ultimate activation for your body / mind system. This is a totally new form of healing that will be given by Jeroen van Meeteren. By placing Geometric light-frequency codes in your system, this will be the icing on the cake of the entire Sacred Geometry journey. Jeroen has learned many healing techniques, including: Reconnection, Deeksha, Reiki, JOD, Touch of Matrix. Strangely enough, he will use few of these healing forms… The new form of healing that Jeroen is going to introduce is actually more an activation than a healing! The experience is that a healing can serve as a figurative patch, but that an activation usually enriches a transformation!

For more information, or to make an appointment, please contact us via email [email protected].


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