Personal Geometric Mandala


A Personal Digital Soul Drawing (in Mandala style) is a Sacred Geometric artwork that is made for you personally and contains codes that will stimulate and guide your personal growth. The core of the Mandala is your personal coding!

Jeroen van Meeteren channels a geometric pattern through a recent photo of you. This can provide extra encouragement for your personal growth / awareness in the broadest sense of the word. 13 years of experience with this phenomenon teaches us that the positive Sacred Geometric patterns (coding), for example, can trigger / resolve blockages in your body-mind system and can provide both frequency and energetic healing. They can also support you in a certain (difficult) process in your life. Experience shows that almost everyone reacts or resonates differently to the artwork, for example, there is a strong conscious sensation or healing for one person and this happens on a subconscious level for another. See examples on this page.

The entire manufacturing process takes about a week and will be sent via email. If there is a waiting list, it takes a little longer. At this moment the waiting time is at least 2 weeks. If you want more information you can mail to or call +31651369589

The price of a digital drawing is € 155 (incl. VAT) and will be sent by e-mail. Most people use this as a background for their, computer, telephone or tablet … The more you look at it, the more the codes will integrate!

Mail your photo to