Personal Digital Souldrawing

From 77.00

A Personal Digital Soul Drawing is a sacred geometric artwork that is made for you personally and contains codes that will stimulate and guide your personal growth.

Jeroen van Meeteren channels a geometric pattern through a recent photo of you. This can provide extra encouragement for your personal growth / awareness in the broadest sense of the word. 13 years of experience with this phenomenon shows us that the positive Sacred Geometric patterns (coding) can, for example, trigger / resolve blockages in your body-mind system and can provide both frequency and energetic healing. They can also support you in a certain (difficult) process in your life. Experience shows that almost everyone responds differently or resonates to the work of art, with one person there is a strong conscious sensation or healing and with the other this happens on a subconscious level!

You can also use this design for a tattoo, for example, which can be further elaborated so that it looks a bit more extensive / beautiful.

-The price for a channeled basic design is: € 77 (incl. VAT)

-The price for a tattoo design, supplied digitally (incl. Channeled basic design): € 122 (incl. VAT)

Send your photo to [email protected]

We will contact you for how long the design process will take, on average this is a week. It may take longer if there is a waiting list.

For more information you can mail to [email protected] or call +31651369589