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General Terms & Conditions

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It is not permitted to:

  • share the film and music in full length on network designed to share files ( such as peer2peer , torrent , etc.).
  • copy or reproduce sound and image files to donate or sell to third parties.
  • use audio and video files publicly, in a workshop or course without our prior (written) permission .
  • use the content of the website to forego your own revenue without compensation for the Hi-Fi Mysteryschool. For each similar use is an agreement and written consent of the Hi-Fi Mysteryschool needed.
  • (with a purchase or gift) to transfer or copy the contents of the product(s) to a computer, other storage device or any another device.


The Hi-Fi Mysteryschool is not liable for any damages or consequential damages resulting from the use of the purchased product, or inability to use the product or its performance. The user is responsible for the administration and their own way of using the product.

Warranty, Returns purchase

Within 14 days of receipt you have the right to return the purchase undamaged, the cost of the return shipment comes at your own expense. Within 14 days after revocation of your purchase will receive the purchase price, provided the product is received undamaged. If you have made ​​a mistake in the order, please contact us immediately and your order will be changed. 

If your purchase does not work or is delivered severely damaged, contact us immediately in order to exchange  the purchase after the return in their original packaging. In case of minor damage can in consultation with us the purchase price be deducted. 

Privacy policy

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Communication with email

The Hi-Fi Mysteryschool can inform you by notification via email or by other reliable method about i.e. your purchase, a newsletter, a general notice on the website, announcements or other information. At any time to you have the option to unsubscribe communicate via email.


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The above terms and conditions are applicable to you regarding your access to the website and/or completing the registration or purchasing process. These conditions, or part of it, may be terminated by the Hi-Fi Mysteryschool without notice at any time for any reason. The provisions relating to copyright, trademarks, disclaimer, limitation of liability, indemnification and miscellaneous continue to survive after termination.