Music in 440Hz - 432Hz

Our music in 432Hz

At this moment our music has an eclectic sound, a mix of several styles of music, from quiet electronic sounding to cinematic classic.

In our work the Sacred Geometric codes are not only expressed in the graphics and visual animations, but also in the music we compose and produce. Instead of today’s music industry standard is based on the A=440Hz tuning, we apply the more natural harmonic A=432Hz tuning into our work. As said, this tuning is more harmonic with all natural frequencies.

We have experimented with a lot of different frequencies like 528hz, Planetairy frequencies and The Solfeggio, but at the end, A=432Hz remained as best for us! The combination of making music from the heart and the 432Hz tuning became for us the ultimate merging. With sensitive ears you can hear the difference, the 432Hz is more clearer and dynamic compared with 440Hz, and because of this you can also lower the volume without sounding less loud. But more important is: You Can Feel It !!!

Nowadays most of the music you hear is tuned in 440Hz. It used to be different before WOII. During the centuries different frequencies has been a standard in different places. A lot of Instruments of ancient times which where found were tuned in A=432Hz. Since WOII ,440Hz has been chosen as the commen standard and most instruments are tuned in the A=440Hz. All the mainstream music your hear on the radio, cd or streaming are 440Hz. At the moment there is little revolution going on and some aware musicians are experimenting with A=432Hz. The band Coldplay is one example who is doing this at the moment, they also put the mother af all Sacred Geometrical shapes;”The Flower of Life” on their new albumcover.

Check out more info about the 432Hz in this YouTube movie