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Your eclectic high frequencial tranquilization channel; Carefully curated by the Hi-Fi Mystery School team, e.g. Jeroen van Meeteren and Jens de Langer; Regularly updated.

Featuring music by Peter Gabriel, Dave Gahan, Thomas Newman, Sasha, Athome Project, Mr. Scruff,  Fink, Koreless, Trentemøller, Fink, Balthazar, Shivum Sharma, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Estas Tonne, The Orb and more… 

Check, listen, enjoy and follow. And sharing would be appreciated.

Music releases

The Mandala Effect

The Mandala Effect vol. 1

  1. Non Dualistic Afrodisiac [Relax Mix]
  2. Non Dualistic Afrodisiac [Lounge Rhythmastic Mix]
  3. The Eye Of The Storm [Light Codes Extended Mix]
  4. Reversed Light [Original Mix]

All tracks written and produced by Jeroen van Meeteren and Jens de Langer.
© 2022 Hi-Fi Mystery School

22: The Light Codes

22: The Light Cover (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

  1. Pre Ma Sai
  2. Age Of Holarchy [2015 Edit]
  3. Embrace Duality
  4. The Heart Of YHWH
  5. Prince Of The Countenance
  6. Matarra
  7. The Keeper Of The Watch
  8. Diamond Journey
  9. Pseudepigrapha

All tracks written and produced by Hi-Fi Mystery School.
© 2020 Hi-Fi Mystery School

New School Mandalas

The intuitively created New Age Mandalas are now available as wall art.