- 22:TLC movie upgrade in 'Burning Man Temple'  at MANDALA festival

- 22:TLC movie upgrade in 'Burning Man Temple' at MANDALA festival

june 9th 2018


-"THE VISION ROOM" Our new experience gallery in Amsterdam!


THE VISION ROOM is our latest big project in Amsterdam. It’s a permanent exhibition of Hi-Fi Mysteryschool art in our own gallery. What can you experience?: - - Our Sacred Geometry Art - -Big Geometrical Lightobjects - - Our movie “22:The Light Codes” (showed in our mini cinema) - - innovative esotheric products - -To cap it all you can experience our latest 5D Virtual Reality animation movie! Which is the sequel of our '22:The Light Codes' animation movie. 

The future of experiencing Sacred Geometry and sound! :In this 5D Virtual Reality session you will get futuristic glasses on, with these glasses you can look 360 degrees around you in super 3D! Together with special headphones you will be taken on a journey through and in new channeled sacred geometrical objects and structures ( channeled by Jeroen van Meeteren). The soundscapes and music ,(in specific frequencies), which are tuned to the images, will complete the journey. With this virtual reality session we are exploring new boundries of experiencing sacred geometry and sound!

The adress is Veemkade 242 (it's 5 minutes by car or tram from the Central station and the centre of Amsterdam)

► The Vision Room Click here to check out our new Vision Room website.



-"22:THE LIGHT CODES" movie now available in the USA and EU!

check the webshop of Beyond Word

The movie will be available on DVD & VIDEO STREAMING

click button to go to the website:  ► www.beyondword.com

From June on the movie will also be available in Germany and Norway!




Saturday the 1st of August we won a British movie award for Best Semi Professional Movies @ The Bases Filmfestival in Marlborough Wilthire UK. More about the filmfestival: https://youtu.be/tPsHk6kS8rc.

-The Hi-Fi Mystery School at Holy ground of Woodstock

-The Hi-Fi Mystery School at Holy ground of Woodstock

Firtst movie screening in 2015


The first screening of our movie "22:The Lightcodes", will be presented in the "Healing Garden" on Mysteryland USA. This festival for electronic music and arts will take place on the Memorial Weekend, May 22-25, located on the "Holy Ground" of Woodstock, Bethel Woods NY.