Personal Geometry Art

A personal geometry is a work of art made especially for you ! Some of the colors and subjects are for you to choose, except for the basis, the personal sacred geometrical pattern.


Jeroen van Meeteren's channeled encodings which have been merged into the geometrical pattern will encourage and invite you to grow (at a soul level). Experience teaches that everyone responds to or resonates with the work of art differently. One person resonates consciously, while another person might respond on a subconscious level.


How does it work: Jeroen tunes into you (preferably by means of a photo) and receives a geometrical pattern. With this input and your choice of colors and/or topics you would like, Jeroen and his colleague Jens de Langer make you a personal artwork.


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Personal Geometry Art

Personal Geometry in other art forms

It is also possible to have a geometric pattern for a particular location, such as a garden, house, room or an office. We also create a personal geomatrical pendants and you can choose to adjust for example gemstones. For more information go to our shop item "Personal Geometric Pendant".

There are different sizes in and materials of which the work of art can be made, hence the prices are upon request.