"22: The Lightcodes" The Movie

Official Trailer  22: THE LIGHTCODES

"22:THE LIGHTCODES" is our latest animated movie project:

A 35 minute journey through the Cosmos, the ancient Atlantian civilization and the Himalayas. This animated movie is not about the story, but intents to touch the subconsciousness wherever it can. Touching your subconsciousness in this way can also have a tremendous effect on your Soulgrowth!  This sounds maybe vague, but it is not easy to give a proper linear explenation.

An attempt to explain this:  It’s an animation movie containing 22 Sacred Geometrical patterns (channeled by Jeroen van Meeteren), which will be shown just long enough for your subconsciousness to integrate. Sacred Geometry is the language of our subconsiousness. Our DNA, celstructures and fluids in our body are all build according to these geometrical values, our subconsiousness recognizes these patterns as a language, WE ARE GEOMETRY! 


In combination with the self composed pieces of relaxing music (in the A= 432Hz), which have been completely attuned to the images, the effect will be extra powerful! The 1+1=3 effect!  For instance, it might give you new a spiritual experience/ insight totally fitted to your level of spirituality, or solve a blockage in your physical, mental or etheric system, or a physical, etheric or mental detox. That what is ready to be activated in you, will definitely be activated!