Sacred Geometry is the foundation of our work. Our DNA, our celstructures and the fluids of our body are all Sacred Geometry on a micro level! Our subconsciousness recognize these patterns as a language.

Our unique Sacred Geometrical patterns can cause euphoria or bring spiritual insights. It does not necessarily work at the conscious level, if your soul is ready for a push of growth, it will certainly touch you at subconscious level. The combination of sound with Sacred Geometry can enhance the effect, we especially produce our music to empower our Sacred Geometrical patterns.

Soul growth or ascension (whatever you want to call it) for human kind was not really our goal when the Hi-Fi Mysteryschool was founded 10 years ago. When we noticed that many people were experiencing serious transitions in their lives because of our creations we were very happily surprised of course! Every time we are amazed about how our music and geometrical patterns amplify each other and touch the people. The Hi-Fi Mysteryschool team works like it is one entity, It produces an organic combination of image and music that comes from one source and virtually has nothing to do with science! Synchronicities are more a common aspect in our teamwork then a glimpse of coincidence.

The Hi-Fi Mysteryschool creates animations, videos, and digital artwork of Sacred Geometry figures, where esthetics and spiritual awakening come together. We make universal Sacred Geometry artwork and individual custom made. We call the custom made artwork Personal SoulGeometry art. 

ABOUT Our visual work

Jeroen van Meeteren channels  the geometric patterns, they come spontaneously or when he tunes in, and from this point mostly the process of creation begins. We compose music for the geometric pattern and the combination of geometry and music becomes an entity in itself: a 1+1= 3 effect!


Besides that we are inspired by generally raising awareness themes, our music is often based on the combination of geometry and frequency. Thus, for example, we produce our music with instruments that are tuned in A4= 432Hz as a reference.


“Mysteryschool” in our name is derived from the mystery schools that occurred thousands of years ago, especially in ancient Greek, Babylonian, Indian and Egyptian civilizations. One of them was the mystery school of Horus in Egypt. This school consisted of two disciplines: the left and right eye of Horus. The left eye of Horus, which refers to the right hemisphere in the brain, taught the feminem principles of creation such as love and compassion. The right eye of Horus, refering to the left hemisphere in the brain, taught in the more male principles of creation, with Sacred Geometry as main subject. The main purpose of these schools was to support the ascension process of mankind.

Maybe the mystery schools of ancient times don’t exist any more because the complexity of our world today is already one big Mystery School itself!